Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn money through the platform ?

Yes, the platform provides a wide range of services that you can do and earn money lIKE DOING JOBS and TASK as also you can use your referral link to get 5%.

How can I add a balance to my account ?

We offer several payment methods and facilities: Paypal - Credit Card - Skrill - Wise - CIH (For morocco) - BTC/ETH/USDT

Can I even choose the source of traffic I want for my website ?

Actually, we offer diversified traffic from All Search Engines and Social Media Like Pinterest - Twitter - Facebook - Quora - Youtube,...

What services can I target on the platform?

The platform provides a wide range of services that make it easier for you to carry out the tasks that you need on a daily basis, such as downloading applications or doing surveys, as well as you can create tasks in your own way

Do you can use Adsgeni to Get Earning in my Adsense Account ?

Yes, you can use many features within the platform, Like services, and MicroJobs, in addition to the ability to use PPC Campaign to earn profits on your account.

Create Campaign

Our Adsgeni Services



Through this service, you can create Small Jobs and target workers within the platform to do everything you need on a daily basis.


PPC Campaigns

Through this service, you can create mini-jobs quickly and in less than 5 seconds, while targeting the workers available within the platform.


Ad Service

This service is available on many diverse and renewed services periodically. Visit it and discover the services available now.